Sick of trawling through blogs full of ads and sponsored content, social media riddled with influencers and a collection of RSS feeds that never seems to end, just to stay on top of the tech industry? The Sizzle relieves you of that burden!

One bullshit free email a day keeps you in the loop so you can concentrate on stuff more important than tech news, but still be up to date.

The Sizzle is curated by Anthony "@decryption" Agius, who has been hanging around the tech scene in Australia like a bad smell for over a decade (Anthony’s on the left).

He started MacTalk (RIP), One More Thing and Reckoner. He's contributed to Delimiter, SMH/The Age, Macworld Australia, PC & Tech Authority, Australian Personal Computer and Media Connect/ITJourno. Reckoner won the 2014 Optus IT Journalism award for best independent media. When he isn’t scouring the web for tech news, he’s driving an electric car or writing about them over at Drive Zero.

You may also remember him as the guy who went to New York to buy some iPads, or who set up a cryptocurrency mining farm in a shed, but most likely, heard that he scored a bunch of frequent flyer points off a bank.