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Hair straightening shampoo is a salvation for many girls who seek to calm down often naughty curly hair. Such tools are unlikely to be able to ideally align elastic curls, but to make curls elastic and pliable for styling is quite. For more references, check out: straightening shampoo

If you really want to see the mane perfectly flat, then it is better to do keratin straightening. The price of such a procedure is not the lowest, but this way you will get perfectly smooth hair.

For those who are not an adherent of such a chemical effect on their hair, or the procedure is simply not affordable, you can try using shampoos with a spreading effect. The cosmetic market offers a number of similar products, and which of them are the most effective, read on.


The structure of smooth and curly hair is different, moreover, smooth hair and owners of curls have a specific structure of the hair follicle .

The section of a smooth strand is circular when magnified. In curly hair, this configuration has a flat, oval or elliptical shape, with a kind of thickening.

Specialists have deduced a certain pattern - the greater the thickening of the hair, and the section closer to the ellipse, the stronger the hairs curl.

The shape of the hair follicle is also different. In straight-haired owners, the follicles are straight, and in curly-haired ones, the bulb resembles a comma - it is this fact that affects the waviness of the strands.

The active ingredients of the curl-smoothing shampoo

Hair straightening shampoo is the most gentle way to pacify curly hair and make it more flexible.

·         Ceramides . Smoothen scales of weakened strands, glue split ends.

·         Wheat and silk proteins, vitamin complex . All of these components carefully care for the curls, ensuring they are sufficiently conditioned.

·         Laurite, sodium sulfate hydroxide . These chemicals help smooth frizz.

·         Natural castor oil, panthenol . Gives curls softness and manageability.

·         Natural olive and avocado oil . Thanks to penetration into the hair shaft, they smooth it and make the mane shiny and manageable.

·         Polymers and silicones . They keep the smoothing effect and also have a thermal protection function when using styling devices.

All of the above components, working in combination, provide weight for curls, as a result of which they straighten. If you don't trust industrial products, you can make your own natural smoothing masks and shampoos.

The instructions for their preparation are very simple, and the time required is minimal.


The use of straightening shampoos is not a panacea for elastic small curls, but, nevertheless, they cope with pacifying curls. The additional use of other straightening cosmetics can enhance the effect of such a drug. There are many of them - balms, masks, serums, sprays.

But do not forget that the effect of using both shampoos and other means is temporary, so if you want to smooth your mane for a long time, you will have to turn to the services of stylists. The video in this article will tell you about other ways to make your hair perfectly even.