UniFi Dream Machine Sizzle Bulk Buy

Yours for only $509 thanks to The Sizzle!

23/01 7:42PM UPDATE: I have cancelled this bulk buy due to another retailer lowering the prices and undercutting me. Visit Wireless1 to score this for just $499 & free delivery. Thanks to those who ordered - refunds will be sent tonight.

Good wi-fi is something everyone should have in their home or office, so to help make that happen I've negotiated with a local distributor to get an absolute ripper price on Ubiquiti's UniFi Dream Machine for readers of The Sizzle.

They normally sell for $599, sometimes $549 or even $539 when on sale, but thanks to the one off bulk order you can get one via The Sizzle for only $509 including free delivery anywhere in Australia. Here’s a timeline for the bulk buy:

  • 30th Jan @ 11:59pm - bulk buy orders close

  • 31st Jan @ 9am - order placed with distributor

  • 4th Feb - UDMs arrive with me & I get them ready for shipping

  • 6th Feb - courier collects UDMs

  • 7th, 10th, 11th Feb - deliveries start arriving

Order UDM Now!

Don't need the sales pitch? Use the button above to reserve yours, sit tight until the 7th-10th of Feb and a brand new UniFi Dream Machine will arrive in your mailbox.

If you don't know what the hell a UniFi Dream Machine is or why you should buy one, or have questions regarding the bulk buying process, read on!

Why the hell should I buy this Dream Machine thing?

  • Extremely configurable wi-fi router with heaps of stuff to tweak, but also easy to use without a 90s interface.

  • You want a router that actually gets patches for security vulnerabilities quickly and receives new features and regular updates.

  • Need something powerful that doesn't shit the bed when hit hard (torrents, multiple users).

  • Don't want a weirdo spider looking thing sitting in your living room.

  • A smartphone app that actually works, is nice to use and isn't a cut down web interface.

  • Add extra access points to increase wireless coverage. The UniFi Flex HD is perfect for this.

  • Helps support The Sizzle!

Specs and more info can be found in the UniFi Dream Machine datasheet PDF. The following YouTube videos also explain what the UDM is good for:

Order UDM Now!


Who is this guy and what is The Sizzle anyway?
I'm Anthony Agius and I run The Sizzle! 620 people pay me $5/m to read my daily email newsletter about computer stuff. You might also know me as @decryption on Twitter. I've organised successful bulk purchases before, like this one on OzBargain for Pi-Hole based ad-blockers.

What happens if there's not enough orders?
To get this low pricing, a certain number of orders have to be placed (around 100 to 150). If this target isn't met by the time orders close, everyone will be refunded immediately and the bulk purchase won't go ahead.

Can I get my UDM shipped to a Parcel Locker or PO Box?
Yep, I'll be using a mix of Australia Post & Sendle for delivery.

Can I get a refund prior to my UDM shipping?
Sure, email me at anthony@thesizzle.com.au and I'll refund your order within 24 hours.

If I'm buying multiple/pay in cash/pickup the UDM, can I get it cheaper?
No. This keeps the fulfillment process streamlined and as cheap as possible.

Does the price include GST?
No. I am not registered for GST (don't make enough in a year to bother) so your invoice will not include a GST component.

When will my UDM arrive?
Look at the timeline above - if everything goes smoothly it'll be the 7th/10th of Feb.

What happens with warranty on this thing?
Any Australian distributor of Ubiquiti gear can assist you with an RMA. Just present them with your payment email. Warranty is valid for 12 months.

I have a question not answered here!
Feel free to email me - anthony@thesizzle.com.au or even give me a call on 0431-113-845 (that number is also good for WhatsApp if you prefer that).

Order UDM Now!