Weekend Sizzle - Issue 3

Saturday 1st June, 2019

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News you missed

Facebook refuses to moderate fake video of US politician going viral

A clearly fake video of Nancy Peolsi (Speaker of the US House of Reps) looking drunk whilst giving a press conference has been going around on Facebook for the past week, with millions of views, spread by multiple groups. Facebook did nothing about it until today and is just gonna add a popup that says "before sharing this video, you might want to check these websites for additional reporting". They aren't deleting it, they aren't even saying it's fake. Pissweak. Meanwhile, Donald Trump tweeted it (probably doesn't even care that it's fake) and YouTube deleted it as it violates their policies.

Qualcomm’s latest ARM-based laptop SoC is faster than Intel’s

Qualcomm used the latest Computex expo to show off an ARM-based laptop with its new Snapdragon 8cx SoC, running Windows 10 faster than the same laptop fitted out with an Intel i5-8250U (a great CPU imho). In PC Mark 10's battery life benchmark, the Snapdragon 8cx laptop had almost double the battery life of the Intel based CPU and in all the performance benchmarks, outpaced the Intel CPU. Unfortunately, laptops with this SoC probably won't be available to buy until early 2020, but we can dream about what Apple would do with a MacBook fitted out with an ARM CPU.

Victorian hospitals really suck at securing patient data

The Victorian Auditor General took a look at the IT systems of a few Victorian hospitals and found them to be absolutely appalling when it comes to keeping patient data private. No password managers, no 2FA, staff easily phished, tailgating into ICT infrastructure areas and "auditors were able to access patient data using default credentials on a third-party system". To make matters worse, the Health Technology Solutions division of the Department of Health and Human Services doesn't even adhere to its own recommendations it provides to hospitals to secure their shit. Embarrassing.

The North Face abuses Wikipedia to boost their SEO

Leo Burnett Tailor Made - an ad agency employed by the adventure clothing/lifestyle brand The North Face - has been outed by Wikimedia for abusing the Google rankings of Wikipedia articles to promote their brand. The ad agency would replace the images in Wikipedia articles about national parks with photos they took that have North Face products in them. When people searched Google for these places the first result in is more often than not an image from Wikipedia or a link to the Wikipedia article this ad agency defaced. Pretty gross to do this to a public good like Wikipedia, but what do you expect from those grubs in the advertising industry?

Tesla Model 3 ready to order in Australia, delivery in August

Tesla has finally launched the Model 3 in Australia, with anyone now able to order the fancy electric car. Doesn’t look like you need to be a deposit holder to order or get it sooner either. Pricing starts at $66,000 + onroads (around $70,000 all up in most states) for the base model and delivery is expected in around August. The cool/dangerous Autopilot stuff is an extra $7,100. The cheapest Model 3, with Autopilot, on-road in VIC is $78,749. Any Sizzlers buying one? Can I take it for a drive?

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